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An ARK Angel Account

July 15, 2016

With Norman Lamb MP 1

I caught up with the Rt. Hon. Norman Lamb MP at the end of his 2015 village tour – the photograph (above), was taken by a friend outside the Village Co-Op in Briston, to mark the occasion.

Although Norman Lamb MP is not now our constituency MP for the village of Hindolveston, he was, (somebody, somewhere, decided to move the constituency boundaries), but we now have the Rt. Hon. Keith Simpson MP instead.

As I said to Norman Lamb MP, I needed to speak with him, because our case file was originally opened with him when he was our constituency MP – and reminded him in brief of our previous situation, then sped through a brief catch-up of what’s been going on under the seat of the Rt. Hon. Keith Simpson MP.

As I said, “when ‘they’ moved the constituency boundary and gave us Keith Simpson MP – they might just as well have given us a potato!”

In catch up, I explained that since we first met in 2009, (reminding him of the aims of Global ARK Projects ‘GAP’ social enterprises as discussed in meeting, in short, to float the non-profit sector – to help to build sustainable community settlements, such as Eco-Villages, in turn to help people to build their own affordable and sustainable eco-homes, to live in autonomous communities – allowing people the opportunity they need to live free from the need to claim any benefits, whatsoever – the aim being in turn to save the Local Authority funds, knowing recession was imminent from the 2002 lectures given by Tony Smith MA, Architect and Lecturer at The College of West Anglia), I also explained that, since then, I’d been:

  • Promoted to the position of Group Moderator at the Eco-Village Network UK, (EVNUK), by Investigative Journalist Tony Gosling, (who also helms EVNUK) – and explained in brief that the ecovillage network UK is part of the European ecovillage network, which is in turn all a part of the Global Ecovillage Network ‘GEN’, that has set important planning precedent on a global scale, setting the benchmark for the next generation of ecovillage (type) sustainable community settlements to follow, ‘NextGEN’, and gave a brief description on the flyer shown in my hand in the photograph, (previously published on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, plus Wiser Earth, as it was then) – I passed the flyer to Norman, and explained our aims to show the work of the Eco-Village Network UK, Permaculture, etc.
  • Asked to become an Ambassador for Imagine Rural Development Initiative (IRDI) Zambia, (ecovillage), by the visionary, Steven Putter. Like most ecovillages, IRDI has an educational foundation, benefitting communities as a not-for-profit, and grows Moringa, following basic Permaculture ecological and organic land stewarding principals. (I didn’t go into the healing properties of Moringa – I didn’t have the PDFs with me, but I did explain a little about the basis of Open Source Ecology, OSE.)
  • Asked to sell my research and to make the presentation materials too, for students studying units on the (Pearson) EDEXCEL BTEC subsidiary diploma in Environmental Sustainability, (by my mentor, Tony Smith MA, Architect and Lecturer at The College of West Anglia, at a meeting held at The College in April 2011, organised to discuss the following):
  • Gained planning approvals for an ecological architectural design project in King’s Lynn, that was going to be partnered with The College of West Anglia through Tony Smith, to provide students with ‘Open Door’ access to the ‘eco-design’ construction project, which was going to be broadcast live into the lecture room, and allow students access to the building and to monitor the alternative and renewable technologies that were going to be installed. Again, in this ecological design, the aim was to hit the highest possible ecological architectural design – for this to be used as teaching resources, for build code Level 6+, (for the highest possible GREEN design and build standards, partnered throughout, and providing Open Source Ecology by way of teaching materials).
  • Asked to represent veteran environmentalist and GREEN design expert (and published author), Avril Fox, author of: Common Malaysian Moths (© Copyright Longman Group UK Limited), The Emerging Ethic, and I.E. GREEN DESIGN, (first published by Architecture Design and Technology Press London in 1989, this book is also © 1989 Copyright Longman Group UK Limited, ISBN: 1 85454 200 1), as an Agent. As an Agent for Avril Fox, Avril also asked me to represent her work to publishers, her autobiography, ‘The Long Road To Realism’, (the net profits from which Avril said should cover my costs for running the ARK social enterprises, and basically to cover the costs of building the ARK as we had all seen her – as Avril was also one of the founding officers of our own intentional Eco-Village showcase community, ‘TAP’ the Tree ARK Project, as we had already discussed with Norman Lamb at our meeting in 2009 – I reminded Norman that Michelle, (ARK’s Secretary at the time), was also present at the meeting, and that the presentation folder we gave to Norman in that meeting, had letters in support from co-founder Avril Fox, whom Norman had also previously been in correspondence, regarding similar proposals for sustainable community living projects.
  • Asked to submit ARK’s proposals for the Green Economy contest held in 2011, at Climate CoLab (MIT) – in fact, I was asked to submit this (also representing Avril Fox in this ecological and ethical design for a very green eco-no-money too), by ‘Blindspotter’ James Greyson, Head of the Blindspot Think Tank (not-for-profit organisation).
  • Asked to write an article for the Free School in Panoramic Thinking in Eastern Europe
  • Asked to write an article for in India.

And more – and then I explained to Norman that I’d not been able to do any of this – because my children and I were fraudulently sold a seriously faulty vehicle. In fact, after spending out circa £40K of our own money on all the equipment needed for me to travel with my children in order to accomplish all the above, (and more), we discovered that we had been fraudulently miss-sold a seriously faulty vehicle to use for our intended tour of the UK and EU.

And that was why I needed to talk to the Rt. Hon. Norman Lamb MP in person, because of all the damages caused, not just professionally, but also personally to my children and I.

My children’s rights were never considered a priority – but they should have been protected, by statutory human and consumer rights laws, and (because I am also a rurally isolated self-employed single mother), by the terms of Agenda 21 as it was originally issued at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, and later adopted by the UK Government.

I went on to explain to Norman Lamb MP what I had previously written to Keith Simpson MP, in regards to the fact that – instead of launching the ARK social enterprises in 2012 (as we had intended – to broadcast the work of the Ecovillage Network, Permaculture, Open Source Ecology, and lots more), my children and I ended up stuck on a field in North Norfolk, (when we were forced to abandon the vehicle in Intwood, near Cringleford, the week the power steering unit stopped working and the throttle cable snapped).

Our situation was explained to Trading Standards (at Norfolk County Council), but they didn’t prioritize our case – even though my daughter was only fifteen at the time – so they should have at least protected her consumer rights, human rights and civil rights, but they didn’t.

I explained to Norman Lamb what I had already explained to Keith Simpson, in that – as the surviving victims of crime, my children and I were:

  1. Left bereft of our refund (for the faulty vehicle that had, after all, been sold under false pretences)
  2. Left stranded on a field in North Norfolk from the end of November 2012 until the 24th May 2013 (for six months)
  3. Forced to endure sub-zero temperatures without internal heat for the most part of the winter of our discontent (2012-2013)
  4. Without electricity or electric light for six months
  5. Without any easy way by which to access either a bath or laundry facilities for six months
  6. Often forced to excrete in carrier bags
  7. Forced to walk a two-mile-a-day round trip to collect drinking water from the public toilets and the Quaker Friends Meeting House in the nearby town for one week (in 2013)

As I said, my daughter was only fifteen years of age at the time – and she was badly affected by her loss of Human Rights, Consumer Rights, and Civil Rights, (and went on to suffer from the effects of anxiety, stress, and depression, until treated by the Norfolk Mental Health team), as Minister for Health, I thought Norman should know.

We blame the UK Government for the damages that spiralled from the original crime of the fraud against us – without Trading Standards taking any action, and without having access to free Legal Aid, (as I said) – my children and I have no access to Justice at all. It’s all very well Lord Freud MP saying “ALL self-employed single parents and sickness claimants live in comfort on a few hundred quid annual wages without taking risks” – but, as I pointed out, that simply isn’t true is it, as proven by our own case alone.

In effect, on the basis of the incorrect facts, when Lord Freud MP axed access to free Legal Aid, (as shown by our own case), Lord Freud MP broke International Human Rights Laws protecting the right of the child, (of all innocents in fact), with these cuts (and more) sanctioned by the then PM David Cameron.

I only earned just £700 between January 2012 until October 2013, (and yet then North Norfolk District Council needed proof of poverty, and also failed to factor in the sum that had just been spent in purchasing all the equipment needed for me to do my job – to earn my money, to promote ecological design solutions such as Ecovillages and Permaculture, etc., and to launch the ARK social enteprises, (as well as to get Avril Fox’s autobiography ‘The Long Road To Realism’ to the publishers, to raise funds for Eco-Villages, and the ecovillage network UK, as discussed with Tony Gosling in meeting at the Gathering at Monkton Wyld Court, held early in October 2011), and had the other commissions to work on too – all required me to travel, (with my children), and for that, we needed a mobile home and a vehicle to tow it.

My children and I couldn’t pull our 3 ton caravan by hand – although we had a go just to see if we could – because we were petrified stuck on that field in North Norfolk, (as described in the full report).

I’d written the full report in preparation for our legal case for appeal against HMRC Inland Revenues Tax Credits decision to axe Child Tax Credits for my daughter in 2014 – after we had already been threatened with eviction by ‘social’ landlords, Broadland Housing Association, (after North Norfolk District Council refused to accept the fact that, actually, my children and I were the surviving victims of crime, and I hadn’t actually earned any more than just £700 from January 2012 to October 2013, and hence had NO money to pay the rent, and it took NNDC longer to process the claim than it did for Broadland to threaten eviction).

As I explained to Norman Lamb, my children and I have had enough – this is a ridiculous situation – and I asked if Norman Lamb could represent us, (rather than Keith Simpson MP), or even legally, (as a qualified Solicitor).

Unfortunately, Norman couldn’t – it was down to Keith Simpson MP to do something to protect us, (he couldn’t because we were no longer in his constituency), and as he had also retired as a solicitor, he couldn’t either, as he no longer had insurances or access to The Bar.

At least I managed to explain that, in the Court hearings, Norman Lamb MP may well be asked to be a witness, for all that we intended to do by launching the ARK social enterprises, (from 2009 to 2012, onwards), and that we did indeed have previous meetings, in 2009, and again in 2011, when Norman Lamb MP opened the new Cromer office in Merchant’s Place, for Voluntary Norfolk, (formerly NOAH), when I also reminded Norman of our previous meeting regarding the ARK social enterprises, when I explained first, that the effects of the recession were predicted, and taught, in 2002 on the EDEXCEL BTEC HNC in Building Studies by Tony Smith MA, Architect and Lecturer at The College of West Anglia, leading to the original inception for the ARK social enterprises, (from the original vision I had in the lecture room when Tony was depicting the fall-out effects of the, then predicted, recession), and reminded Norman Lamb that when I met him also briefly at Voluntary Norfolk’s opening of the Merchant’s Place offices in Cromer, I’d made a rude remark about not being able to understand how it was that the UK Government got caught with it’s trousers down.

If I knew that recession was coming from 2002 – having paid to go to The College to learn these facts – then there is absolutely no excuse for the UK Government (or any other) to have been caught with their trousers down.

But of course, they couldn’t have been really…

What wasn’t said in the lecture room at the time was that, the previous year, (in 2001), in preparation for the UK GREEN Party’s economics group for the GREEN mini-conference (held in Manchester, England), a serious level of readily available and published research was collated in regards to the subject of the BIS, the central bankers’ bank, as detailed collated and shown on the website:

The Bank for International Settlements has it’s roots based in Nazi foundations, (it laundered the gold looted by the Nazis in WWII). It was founded in 1930 by the world’s central banks, and from the outset, had a clause built-in to its founding documents that excluded governmental interference and jurisdiction, (effecting the bankers continuation, to work free from all rules of democratic consensus).

As quoted on the website link above: the Bank for International Settlements (otherwise known as the BIS, or as spoken, “the BIZ”), based in Basel in Switzerland, is “Run by an inner elite representing the world’s major central banks it controls most of the transferable money in the world. It uses that money to draw national governments into debt for the IMF.”

The Nazis may have lost the war, but they went on to win the world nonetheless.

For example, at the time that it was possible to predict the next recession, (in 2002), the total combined governmental figure of debt stood in the region of US$22Trillions, since when the BIZ went on to achieve it’s aims, and within just a (dirty) dozen years over-doubled the mountain of debt that stood (still) from the 1980s build-up to the recession of the early 1990s, to a sum of debt in excess of US$54Trillions.

But even that wasn’t enough – and, (as taught in the lecture room at the time), no matter how many leaders of governments may state that recession is over, the total sum of debt has continued to rise ever since, currently at the rate of sum US$100,000 per second, equating to circa US$58Trillions today, (still rising).

In fact, the only way back out of recession – as students were taught on the EDEXCEL BTEC HNC in Building Studies, was for people to build their own affordable eco-homes in their own Eco-Village (type) carbon neutral sustainable community living projects – the reference for which given at the time provided for students to further research and for their own design inspiration, was the website (Canolfan y Dechnoleg Amgen in Wales – the Centre for Alternative Technology, aka CAT Eco-Village), reference: Tony Smith MA, Architect and Lecturer at The College of West Anglia, King’s Lynn.

The only alternative would be for the UK Government to cut back on all (welfare) state funded benefits, supporting services (including the NHS), and grants paid to Local Government offices and the non-profit sector (even further than the cuts already metred since the far smaller recession of the early 1990s) – and in which case, the UK Government could well end up failing to follow International Human Rights Laws written since the end of WWII – which, (as shown by our own case alone, and as explained to Norman Lamb MP), is exactly what the UK Government has done in fact, (failing to do it’s job to protect the people they are paid to serve when they did so).

There were already far too many people in excluded groups living in the UK – the UK Government couldn’t just carry on sweeping all their facts and figures under the rugs of Westminster or Number 10 – the rug would be up to the ceiling, (as it is now in fact, as explained to Norman Lamb MP, who can’t help since we have a rather large potato in the way here now, spud it)!

We NEED to get back to meet everyone (and more) as we did at The Gathering held in early October 2011, at Monkton Wyld Court – but how, (without any money, it was all spent out on all the equipment needed to travel, to do all the work I was commissioned to do in 2011/2012, and to exhibit and broadcast the work of the Eco-Village Network UK, as a Group Moderator at all the GREEN Build Events, GREEN Design Shows, Eco-Festivals, Eco-Conferences, Eco-Build Events, and of course, ALL the BIG GREEN GATHERINGS)!?

LOL – Ironic, or what!?

I should perhaps also close this account, by recounting that I explained to Norman Lamb MP, (as MP for North Norfolk), that I did have a brilliant meeting with Mark Ashwell, the Senior Planning Strategy Manager at North Norfolk District Council (in October 2014), and that the meeting notes for the meeting, (in which we discussed the building of Eco-Village type community settlements in Norfolk), along with three other emails, had all been sent to Norman Lamb MP first (to catch up from where we last left-off), and then to Keith Simpson MP, (so he could also catch up with the original case file opened when Norman was our Constituency MP), and urged Norman to look at the emails, (albeit that they did include rather a lot of information and facts pertinent to our position, brief notes covering the subject of our lack of rights in Britain were also provided to Norman Lamb MP, shown in the photograph below)!

With Norman Lamb MP 26. Flyer Eco-Ark social enterprise intro A1  (Click to view)

The ARK Flyer PDF shown (PDF linked) above, as given to Norman Lamb MP, (also previously provided to Mrs Codling, Head of Benefits Section and to Mr Copping, Revenues Section Head, in meeting held at North Norfolk District Council offices on the second day of Winter Solstice, 22nd December 2015), and others.  N.B.  An update to the PDF is now required due to loss of Land Rover, lack of funding, change of mobile phone numbers, and more, but it covers the basis of the foundation of proposals anyway.


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