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Angels vs Demons

February 10, 2017

On one side of the Scales of Justice sit the (ARK) Angels representing the clear transparent light of NGO and not for profit – while on the other side, there is nothing but darkness…

We were robbed of our money by UK/International limited company number 02407157 – but were ultimately robbed of our Human Rights, Consumer Rights, Civil Rights and had access to Justice blocked, by the bankers, the UK government and UK government departments…

As Angels (as Ark Angels) we sit in ‘The Darkness’, shrouded in silence, battling to be heard – fighting for our rights and for Justice…

Dear God in Heaven – if Justice is Divine – then Please, let IT be Mine!

In 2012, Lord Freud MP was publicly quoted as telling (the world) that in the UK “ALL self-employed single parents and sickness claimants live in comfort on a few hundred quid annual wages without taking any risks” – and on that basis axed free Legal Aid blocking the roads to Justice for everyone with insufficient funding to pay for Solicitors, Lawyers and Barristers – especially for everyone who risked everything, (as we did).

A decade earlier – in 2002 – as students in CPD at The College of West Anglia, we were taught that ‘ALL THE SIGNS’ showed recession was imminent, (by the Ecotect, Anthony Smith MA, Architect and Lecturer).

Yes, that’s right – lectures were given on the subject of the (then) predicted recession, in 2002 (on the 2001-2002 academic course year of the EDEXCEL BTEC HNC in Building Studies, in King’s Lynn in Norfolk), in which course we were also taught:

Ignorance is NO DEFENCE in a Court of Law

This causes a conundrum in reality – because – in order to work clearly and transparently, as required as AnArkAngel (as a social entrepreneur), obviously none of the authorities that took no heed of ‘ALL THE SIGNS’ that showed recession was imminent want anything to do with this case.

If – and when – our case is (finally) heard, then the world will know the truth…

The truth is that ALL the governments in the entire world had perfectly adequate opportunity to stop the bankers in their tracks – to stop the debt clock then, (in 2002).

The Global Debt Clock of The Economist Online – shows that from the point at which ‘ALL THE SIGNS’ showed recession was imminent in 2002, the combined global governmental figure of debt has been virtually tripled – from circa US$20Trillions to circa US$60Trillions.

Worst still (A) the combined global governmental figure of debt is (still) continuing to rise at the rate of circa US$100,000 per second and (B), as taught in 2002 anyway, there will soon be a second wave of recession…

What happens when (not if) the second wave of recession hits – when all the governments in the world are up to their (nation’s) ears in debt – well, of course, the bankers will own the world… (and all this world’s children and all future generations will be at the mercy of the bankers – to pay for the banker’s errors as the minions as workers and as slaves).

All the bankers in the world already own all the world’s assets anyway – (almost) everyone puts all their money into their bank accounts, all their most precious artefacts – all their mortgages, and all their title deeds, (all held by the banks).

Can the bankers really be trusted?  (Do the banks really have a conscience?)

No, of course they don’t – as clear shown by all the research collated in for the UK Green Party’s economics group, for their 2001 mini-conference in Manchester, as shown on the website: click to view research

As shown by the evidence, the Bank for International Settlements, (the BIS or “The BIZ”), has Nazi roots – it was once run by Adolf Hitler – and, as quoted on the website:

…it was used to launder money for the Nazis in World War II. Run by an inner elite representing the world’s major central banks it controls most of the transferable money in the world. It uses that money to draw national governments into debt for the IMF.

And – according to Wikipedia and other sources, the parent organisation of the IMF (the International Monetary Fund), is none other than the United Nations…

So who can we trust – and who can we turn to?

There is NO access to Justice – in Britain or anywhere else – regardless of the Human Rights Act, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Bill of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, Agenda 21, (or even UK Constitutional Law).

When people have no money they have NO RIGHTS.

Speaking as AnArkAngel – I have NO money – and, (as a UK citizen), I have no rights, (and because I don’t, nor do my children, who should).

It doesn’t really matter how much paperwork is produced – either by way of Human Rights Agendas, Bills, Declarations, or by actual  (monetary) bills – it is just printed paper… There is NO BODY actually ‘there’ to protect all the innocent people in the world.


As stated in opening, we (my children and I) were robbed of all our money by the fraud of (local) rogue traders number 02407157, but were ultimately robbed of all our rights by all the UK government departments dealing with our case files.

The County Council Trading Standards and the District Council left my children and I, (as the then victims of crime), to freeze to death (or survive) sub-zero temperatures, stuck on a field (in North Norfolk) for six months, where we were:

  • Without electricity or electric light (for six months)
  • Without any way to easily access either a bath or laundry facilities (for six months)
  • Often forced to excrete in carrier bags
  • Forced to walk a two-mile-a-day round trip to collect (drinking) water from the public toilets and the Quaker Friends Meeting House in the nearby town for one week in 2013
  • Under regular threat of:
    • Eviction
    • The Law – Legal Action – and The Courts
    • The High Sheriff
    • Bailiffs
    • Police
    • Imprisonment

Although we (finally) managed to move back into a house again on the 24th May 2013 – the threats have continued to date – because none of the UK government departments dealing with our case files have taken any account of the significant level of damages caused in this case, (and especially while I battled ever onwards, preparing the case as the Litigant in Person, as the Plaintiff, Claimant and Appellant, also representing my family’s rights, for all the damages caused to us, and to everyone else and all other non-profit organisations and NGOs I also represented at the time in 2012).

Each UK government department – in turn – has required that I/we prove our level of poverty in order to simply apply the UK government’s own level of financial support, (not designated for the surviving victims of crime), most specifically perhaps because Lord Freud MP, the Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) was most clear in stating that this situation doesn’t exist in the UK today – that ‘ALL’ self-employed single parents and sickness claimants live in comfort on a few hundred quid annual wages without taking any risks.

After my children and I risked all our available money on the vehicle – we were going to use as the flagship to launch the ARK social enterprises in 2012 – after almost a decade’s work (and a total family outlay well in excess of £45K in that time).

The suppliers stated that the (purple) Land Rover Defender 110 they were selling had a ‘brand new’ 100% gas fuelled V8 4.6 Litre engine that was specifically designed ‘from new’ to run 100% exclusively on gas, they stated was not like a converted petrol engine.

In fact, the engine was nothing more than a standard rover engine block – apparently it wasn’t even new, (it just appeared to others expert in the subject to be a reconditioned petrol engine tweaked by the suppliers) – and besides that, the Vehicle Registration Document clearly stated that the V8 engine was fuelled by ‘Heavy Oil’ (i.e. diesel).

It was a con – a fraud – and the ‘brand new’ engine first went seriously wrong in just six weeks.

The case was first registered with Trading Standards in March 2012.

Trading Standards said that – if they found we had a case against the suppliers they would take action against the suppliers – but when they did, they didn’t.

Instead, Trading Standards advised me to proceed to instruct my Solicitors – how could I pay for Solicitors when I only earned just £700 (gross) in twenty-two months – because the infernal car didn’t work, and because we didn’t get the refund to which we were entitled when requested (originally in March 2012)?

How could my three children and I live on £700 (gross) earned over twenty-two months, (when the District Council under the guidelines of the DWP, expected me to pay £200 PCM towards the rent for the house for my three children and I, plus all bills)?

There is NO welfare state benefit currently designed to support a zero wage – such as earned while preparing the legal case as the Litigant in Person, as the Plaintiff, the Claimant and Appellant, (as in this case) – only standard benefits.

Just as taught in the lecture room in 2002 – IF the UK government used the Taxpayers’ Funds to bail out the bankers – it would leave the UK government with an insufficient funding dilemma in terms of the costs of running the welfare state.

And, if the UK government were to simply axe back on welfare state benefits – it would leave the UK government and UK government departments in (serious) breach of Human Rights Laws – written to protect ‘the people’ since the end of WWII.

This is exactly what happened…


Legal Aid – Legal Representation – is now needed most urgently, from experts in the field of Human Rights Law, Consumer Law, and Civil Law, please contact via email to:

The Legal Case has now been drafted, but it is not possible to assess our own damages nor to put a price on our own heads – so please, help us if you possibly can.

If possible, we also need some form of sanctuary until the case is heard in the Courts – until we receive our refund and my loss of earnings is adequately compensated – and until my children and I receive compensation for all the damages caused in this case.  (We cannot – nor should we – continue to be threatened due to the level of poverty and austerity caused by this case.)

Please note that our case has already been registered with the County Council Trading Standards, the District Council, the LGO, HMRC Inland Revenues Tax Credits, Dame Linda Homer (when CEO of HMRC Tax Credits), Lord Freud MP, Iain Duncan-Smith MP, George Osborne MP, Ministers@DWP, Correspondence@DWP, the UN, (amongst others), and our case for the need for JustICE is currently held on ICE@DWP via the Independent Case Examiners office (at the DWP).

However, since our case surrounds the failings of the DWP and the Secretary of State for the DWP, (and the UK government’s failure to protect statutory Human Rights for UK citizens), and the ‘Independent’ Case Examiner is also a part of the DWP, there must be some question as to the logistics of the Independence of this.

(With huge thanks to all who have already helped and who have tried to help us to date, including: ARK Co-Founder and Patron Saint of the Ark Angels Organisation Avril Fox, Neil Godfrey/Voluntary Norfolk, Alicia Hull of the North Norfolk Green Party, Howard and Jill Leftley, Norfolk Citizens Advice Bureau ‘NCAB’, Norfolk County Councillor Adrian Dearnley, Investigative Journalist Tony Gosling, and of course my mentor – Ecotect Anthony Smith MA, Architect and Lecturer at The College of West Anglia.)





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