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The 21st Century Prophecy

June 24, 2017

At the turn of the 21st Century, an expert in the construction sector gave a damming prophecy of doom.

Students of the prophet were taught why: “ALL THE SIGNS” showed a new global recession was imminent – and why this recession would be unlike any other recession before it.

The 20th Century had seen global debt rise, from a point on a line graph that was nigh on invisible in scale at the start of that century – compared to the figure of debt that rolled over onto the next page of the human story.

By the start of the 21st Century, the figure of debt already stood in the trillions – circa US$22Trillions of (combined) global governmental debt in fact, at the time the prophecy was delivered, in 2002.

Looking at the UK figures, it was easy to see what would happen when the recession hit.  (The only thing that couldn’t be seen clearly at the time, was the figure of debt that would be created by the prophesied recession).

At the time, the bankers were lending money ‘hand over fist’.

It wasn’t possible to walk into a bank – anywhere, it seemed – that wasn’t obviously trying to sell debt as if it were a ‘prime commodity’, with posters (and TV adverts) tempting customers into buying new homes, second homes, (multiple homes), to become landlords with property portfolios based on ‘buy-to-let’ mortgages, (based on the fact that the original homeowner’s property value had exceeded market predictions).

People were drawn in by marketing campaigns for new credit cards – buy now, pay for it later – buy a new car, have an all inclusive holiday, (go on – you deserve it)!

House prices, building prices, and land for building were all rocketing, (but wages weren’t).

When recession hit – it would leave governments (and people), in crisis.

The longer it was before the recession hit, the worse it would be for everyone, (bar the bankers).

By the time the recession hit six years later in 2008/2009, the global figure of debt had indeed been multiplied by the bankers, and, just as taught in the prophecy, the government (most governments), went on to bail out the bankers in much the same way they had in the last, much smaller recession, in the early 1990s.

Realistically, there was something seriously wrong with the architectural design for an economical system that went from booming to bust overnight – and students of the prophet were asked to consider ‘why’?

The bankers only stood to profit from the prophesied recession, in the long run at least – especially if the government bailed them out (as they had before).

In effect, the Taxpayers paid twice.

It was the Taxpayers’ deposits and investment savings that the bankers originally used to offset their loans, credit card debts, mortgages, (re-mortgages), etc., and it was the Taxpayers whom also effectively offset the total figure of debt too – through future earnings and the profits made by their employers.

Taxpayers also faced a future without the support of the welfare state – without ‘free’ access to Education, ‘free’ Medical Health services, or ‘free’ Legal Aid – since, if the government used the Taxpayers’ funds to bail out the bankers, it was obvious (looking at the figures), there would be insufficient funding left to cover the costs of running the welfare state in Britain.

Effectively, if the government were to use the Taxpayers’ funds to bail out the bankers – and any other ‘National Assets’ remaining at their disposal – then it could leave the government in breach of Human Rights Laws (granted Taxpayers and Citizens since the end of WWII).

If that proved to be the case, the 21st Century would start with a massive (global) deficit, and the removal of Human Rights granted and given in the 20th Century – putting mankind back into the dark ages.

There were already far too many people (and children) suffering from poverty, exclusion and lack of rights (even in the UK), facts denied publicly by far too many in fact, figures and facts seemingly swept under the rugs in ‘The City’.

Worst still, the recession was predicted to hit in two waves…

The first wave of recession would see governments all over the world running to the aid of the bankers – using everything at their disposal to bail out the bankers.

The second wave of recession would see a world in complete crisis.

There would be no more national assets left to sell – and no more Taxpayers’ funds left – to bail out the bankers.

Governments all over the world would face the 21st Century virtually bankrupt by the bankers’ over-sale of debt, and with a rising tide (quite literally) in terms of rising sea levels, tidal surges, tsunamis, and storm damages.

Droughts, flooding and famine were predicted, mutated viruses, plagues, (and more), and no government in the world would have the monetary resources left to protect their nations’ citizens from the worst effects of climate change.

Ordinarily, people in need in excluded groups turn to the non-profit sector – but by then, the non-profit ‘Third Sector’ would also be badly hit by the effects of the 21st Century recessions – effected by reduced donations and grants, and grants paid by central government to Local Authorities were also prophesied to be cut too.

Basically, ‘the people’ (all the little people), would be without all the rights granted to them in the 20th Century in the 21st Century.

There would be a Housing Crisis – the likes of which unseen since the end of WWII – and a virtual poverty pandemic.

When the second wave hit, it wouldn’t just be the poor tenant residents affected, it would be homeowners with insufficient funds to make their mortgage repayments, and others, who would find themselves repossessed of their land or property by the bankers.

The bankers would be directly responsible for the recessions, (but then, generally speaking, the bankers never had a conscience anyway).

As stated, there was something seriously wrong with the architectural design for a global economy that (repeatedly) went from booming to bust overnight – unless, that was actually part of the overall aim of the design from inception.

What were “ALL THE SIGNS” that showed that recession was imminent anyway?

House, land and building prices were all positively booming – the economy was inflating – and that was a sure sign that recession was imminent.

Historically, in fact, every time there was boom there was a bust.

IF all the governments bailed out the bankers without constraints – then the bankers would simply go on to do exactly what they had in overselling debt (again), albeit that, (in legal terms), if an architectural design or a design for ‘anything’ causes any damage (or damages), then the designer ‘the architect’ is professionally and personally liable.

(Someone, somewhere, really needed to come up with a design solution – and the solution had to be ethical, viable, and ecologically, environmentally, and economically, sustainable.)

Reference: (the prophet), ‘Ecotect’, Anthony Smith MA, Architect and Lecturer at The College of West Anglia, (2002), to students on the 2001-2002 academic course year of the EDEXCEL BTEC HNC in Building Studies.

N.B.  The prophecy (and HNC) led to an epiphany – a vision for the need for the ARK, leading subsequently to ethical design proposals for Eco-Designs, leading to Global ARK Projects ‘GAP’ social enterprises, designed to fill the GAPs in the mARKet known to exist from the 2002 prophecies.


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