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No Rights Norfolk (UK)

September 3, 2017

6P3A4107 Norman Lamb 2Photograph by courtesy of:  © Emma Licence 2017

On Saturday 2nd September 2017, outside the Village Co-Op in Briston, at the end of the Rt. Hon. Norman Lamb MP’s 2017 Village Tour, I congratulated Norman on his choice in our (Norfolk) County Councillor Steffan Aquarone, (who I met in Hindolveston in July to discuss ‘No Rights Norfolk’, and amongst other things, ARKs).

Norman Lamb MP: asked how he could help me, to which I explained that we (my daughter, my sons and I), would really like our case raised in Parliament to ensure that no other fifteen year old ‘girl-child’, her siblings, her mother, (or anyone else), anywhere, especially as the victims of crime (as we were at the time) – be put through all that we were living in North Norfolk, (in the boundary-changed constituency, formerly under North Norfolk MP the Rt. Hon. Norman Lamb, now, that of ‘Broadland’ under the Rt. Hon. Keith Simpson MP).

As I said to Norman at the end of his 2015 Village Tour – “when they moved the constituency boundary and gave us Keith Simpson MP – they might just as well have given us a potato!” (As we discussed on Saturday, a potato would have been better – and would have cost Taxpayers an awful lot less money!)  N.B.  Information pertaining to our lack of rights living in the constituency of Keith Simpson – was previously provided to Keith Simpson MP (2014-2015/6) but he failed to take any action to protect our statutory rights, (and didn’t raise our case in Parliament as requested either).  An article previously posted regarding this comment and my previous meeting with Norman Lamb MP at the end of his 2015 Village Tour linked back here: An ARK Angel Account

I asked Norman if he could possibly raise our case with Lord Freud MP, whom as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, (in 2012), publicly stated “ALL self-employed single parents and sickness claimants ‘live in comfort’ on a few hundred quid annual wages – without taking risks” (and, on that basis of thought, axed free Legal Aid and any financial support for the victims of crime where prevented from earning a living or their self-employed earnings, as damages of the crime) – at the same time my daughter, my eldest son and I, were left stranded, stuck on a field in North Norfolk without comfort, without the use of the vehicle we’d purchased for our intended tour (floating eco-homes and ecological communities, EVNUK, and launching the ARK ourselves as ARK Angels), without:

  • Justice – without: Human Rights, Civil Rights, or Consumer Rights (protection)
  • Address (or redress)
  • Heat – through sub-zero temperatures the winter of (our) discontent 2012-2013
  • Usable vehicle for our intended tour
  • Electricity (or electric light) for six months
  • Any way to easily access a bath or laundry facilities (for six months)
    • We were often forced to excrete in carrier bags
    • For one week in 2013, my eldest son and I were forced to walk a two-mile-a-day round trip to collect drinking water (from the public toilets and the Quaker Friends Meeting House in the nearby town)
      • Given (ALL) the above, it wasn’t possible to complete the Home Study Plan – the application to Educate (Izzy) Otherwise was previously approved by the relevant authority (via Norfolk County Council)
        • HMRC Inland Revenues Tax Credits were stopped for my daughter later (after I explained the above change of circumstance) – because it wasn’t possible for us to complete the Home Study Plan – because we didn’t have any of the above rights protected living in Norfolk in the UK, (because Lord Freud MP was wrong, and we have the evidence to prove it, and the case against the suppliers)

WE (all) also need (free) Legal Bar-Pro-Bono help, assistance, and representation – if anyone can help please advise.

On the 2nd September 2017, outside the Village Co-Op in Briston, at the end of the Rt. Hon. Norman Lamb MP’s 2017 Village Tour, I also quickly caught up with our local County Councillor Steffan Aquarone, while waiting in queue.

6P3A4088 Norman Lamb 1

Photograph by courtesy of:  © Emma Licence 2017

After I wrote to Steffan to explain our situation – as in ‘No Rights Norfolk’ – we met at his Hindolveston village surgery in July (2017), and grabbed a moment to quickly catch up.

In our previous meeting, in terms of my registering our case with The Courts as Litigant in Person (as Plaintiff, Claimant and as Appellant also representing my family and others), as Trading Standards advised we needed to register the (original) case against the Defendants with The County Court by October 2017, Steffan advised me to check with Norfolk County Council Trading Standards prior to submitting the draft case to The Courts.

I reported that I had duly rung Trading Standards, on Friday 18th August 2017, where I spoke with Conrad Meehan, (Lead Trading Standards Officer, Intelligence and Legal Enforcement Team at Norfolk Trading Standards), who informed me that Trading Standards could no longer provide advice – without payment of fee, (instead, I was referred to contact Citizens Advice, and advised that this was a different service from the Citizens Advice Bureau).

As I said to Steffan – “this really is right at the eleventh hour – I will have a serious problem explaining the entire legal case now to someone else ‘new’ to the case, to gain the advice needed to register the case with the County Court within this short time-frame”.

We keep getting passed from one UK government department to another – repeatedly – taking no end of time to say the same things all over again, to different people, writing different statements on different forms for each department in turn, (since Trading Standards failed to take action – and advised me to prepare the legal case myself).

Thank goodness (and a great big ‘THANK YOU’) for all those who have helped us – without who’s help (as I’ve said on numerous occasions to former Norfolk County Councillor, Accountant Adrian Dearnley) – I’m sure I would have expired by now.  (I.E.  Dealing with North Norfolk District Council – who threatened me with imprisonment due to the fact that I had insufficient funding to pay their Council Tax bill, due to the fact that we were robbed of our money through fraud, and I’ve been prevented from the opportunity of earning my income as anticipated since the rogue traders also supplied us with seriously faulty goods that were unfit for purpose, and because we don’t have rights protected living in Norfolk – because Lord Freud MP says this situation doesn’t exist).

Our local constituency MP Keith Simpson didn’t raise our case against the Secretary of State for the DWP in Parliament (or previously pass on our case for Norman Lamb MP to raise our case instead) when asked – but now, as our local constituency Councillors for Hindolveston are both Liberal Democrats (namely County Councillor Steffan Aquarone and District Councillor Pierre Butikofer) – we plead that Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb MP may.

As written to the Rt. Hon. Norman Lamb MP in the documentation provided:

“If possible, we (my daughter, my sons and I), would very much appreciate it if Pierre Butikofer could help us in representing our case to North Norfolk District Council – with Steffan Aquarone helping us to deal with our situation with Norfolk County Council – and, (if possible), we would very much appreciate it if you could raise our case in Parliament.” 

I handed a letter To Norman Lamb MP – albeit not the best written, it covered some of the key issues – together with a copy of the NOTICE (served on the UK government by the Litigant), and, some of the reasons for purchasing the 100% ‘gas’ fuelled vehicle (as taken from my revised business plan) – in List of acheivements 2011-2012

With huge thanks to: the Rt. Hon. Norman Lamb MP; Lib Dem. Councillors Steffan Aquarone and Pierre Butikofer; (former Norfolk County Councillor) Accountant Adrian Dearnley; Alicia Hull (North Norfolk Green Party); Amanda Huntridge; Avril Fox; Investigative Journalist Tony Gosling; Neil Godfrey – formerly Voluntary Norfolk; Ecotect Anthony Smith MA, Architect and Lecturer at The College of West Anglia, Howard and Jill Leftley, Ryburgh Parish Councillor Christopher Buxton, and everyone else and all our friends who have helped us to date, and for the help of our friend Emma Licence, (without who’s brilliant photos this page would be just printed text).

6P3A4128 Norman Lamb 3

Photograph by courtesy of:  © Emma Licence 2017

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